Subscription FAQs

NOTE: Please Make sure to create an account when checking out! Without an E.N.D. profile you won't be able to self-manage your subscription. If you miss this step, don’t cry! Please reach out to our Emotional Support team at and we will be able to send you an activation link via email <3 

Exclusive Subscription Gifts:

Coffee subscribers receive a free gift in their subscription package every other month on average. Please note that this is a limited time offer and may be discontinued at any time. Your continued support helps keep these exclusive gifts flowing :) 

10% off future E.N.D. Orders:

If you have subscribed to the saddest subscription in the world, you will see a button on the product page for all of our items that states “add item to your next subscription order”. All items added to your next subscription order will be discounted 10% off!

Click here for our full FAQs page or reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.